Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's All About the FOOOOD!

My lady says that she spends a lot of time thinking about what all of us get to eat!  It can be quite a science!
After Dayel's illness and death she revisited the feeding of the boy goats and sheep, went over the mineral requirements of everyone again and researched the grain and hay situation.
She also talked to the doctors about the horses and their diets.  Nozzy has always been quite hefty.  He eats EVERYTHING, including sticks and leaves.  Tee hee. 
After talking with the doctors my lady has decreased the amount of hay that the minis get.  She also got in some 'munching' hay, or first cutting.  We all get the nice, green second cutting hay but in order to give the horses less, she felt she needed to provide something for them that wasn't as caloric but allowed them to nibble on something, since horses are grazers.
So...she decreased the hay portions a little bit each day.  They still get the nice second cutting hay, but less of it, and they have the first cutting as a back up.  The don't like the first cutting.  I'm glad my lady isn't going to tell me I need to eat that.  She says it's perfectly good hay, but I like the green stuff!
Here is Nozzy.  Does he look like he needs a diet?  Tee hee.
Mokey and Nigel enjoy second cutting placed in little piles all over the paddock.
Sarah gets special beet pulp mash because of her crooked mouth.  It takes her a bit of time to eat.
Here I am..."MFFFM.  FFM.  MFFFM. Mmmm."  Tee hee.
Then my lady purchased something called a Nibble Net.  Because Durin came up to the house she can now get those nets that allow the minis to nibble away at a section of hay instead of gobbling it all at once! 
I'm glad I don't need a nibble net! 
Everyone figured out the Nibble Nets right away - even Mokey!
These things are TOUGH.  The minis play with them and sling them around once they are finished with the hay!
Below is Sarah and her first experience with the net.  When she is looking to threaten and kick she's not doing it to my lady (she doesn't do that), she's telling Nozzy, who is next to my lady, and Mokey not to come any closer to HER net.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Peaceable Kingdom

Durin is settling in up at the house.  It's taken him a bit of time to start to eat and to be content.
The other day he lay down with the rest of the gang to enjoy the sun and some good company.  Cora (on the left) is singing a holiday song.  Tee hee.
I'm not in that group.  I still refuse to cohabitate with SHEEP.  Harrumph.
xoxoxo    Izzle

Friday, December 26, 2014

Durin Moves to the House

My lady wasn't sure that it was best for Durin to live as only goat down with the mini horses at the barn so she brought him up to see us, who live in the backyard. 
When they walked up the driveway Sarah nickered at Durin.

Doo had never seen a sheep before and Wickery scared him at first!

Cami thought Durin looked intriguing.

Durin asks my lady, "Are these ladies single?"

Everyone came out and explored around the yard.

A little tense moment here....

Then I came out!  Woo hoooo!  I don't like that big, black sheep.  My lady said that I turn into a berserker.  Tee hee.  She doesn't think it's funny because I won't stop.  My lady had to put me back in my area since I wouldn't leave Wickery alone.

She said it was just like 'Wild Kingdom.'

Durin checked out the yard.


Gimli then remembered that he had been afraid of Durin when they lived together.  Ooop.

Cora hides behind Esther.

"Hello, I'm Esther."

Wick stands by his woman.  Tee hee.

Doo kept making sure my lady was standing right behind or beside. him.

Time for a show of goatiness!

My lady is worried for him, but thinks he will be OK up here.  He likes to see her through the office door.

We miss Dayel a lot.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sleep Well, Dayel

My lady had to put Dayel Elessedil to sleep today.  He had developed urinary calculi and treatment was unsuccessful.
She will miss him very much and called him her Honey-Goat.
Sleep well, Dayel
April 2008-December 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yummy Second Breakfast

My lady used to give me a huge block of hay so that I'd have food all the time.  Guess what I did? 
I'd eat some - then pull the hay out of the feeder and lay on it.  Tee hee.
She figured me out so now I get smaller amounts fed to me more frequently.  I don't waste so much then.
Here I am having my second breakfast today.  Yummy!
I want to thank my friend Grammie, out in California, and my friend Aisha from across the sea, for sending me a contribution for my yummy hay fund every month.  I really enjoy eating and I'm very grateful for your gifts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Long time no ME!

I'm still here!  Whew!  My lady's computer died and had to get a new innard.  It took FOREVER! 
We are well here at the farm.  The weather has gone from fall to winter since I've seen you all!
Nigel is here giving everyone a kissssss.
Durin thought he'd help with chores one snowing morning.  My lady put her work gloves on his horns.  I hope the hunting men don't see that!
Then it got MUDDY.  Oooog.  The horses all had rolls in the dirt.  They thought it was GREAT.
Mokey is doing very well.  He is a happy little fellow.  He still have his neurological symptoms but his mouth has improved so much that my lady doesn't have to flush out his teeth and mouth every day.  The big hole in his face has healed completely.
He likes to hide behind the cart when my lady is cleaning the barn.  Sarah can't get him there. Hee hee.
These next photos are from today!  We got a snow! 
Cameo enjoys the snow.  She has lovely fleece.
Esther has been here just about a year.  She and her sister Cora have grown into lovely ewes.  Here is Esther.  She is the friendliest sheep.
And here is ME!  With that pesky sheep Wickery.  I like this picture because it makes me look really big.
I'm standing on a little hill and Wickery is back a bit and the effect is great!  Makes me look like a gigantic goatess!  I still have to be in my own area.  Cough...I'm kind of MEAN to the sheep and to my mama.
Gimli is very goofy.  Hee hee.  It's hard to believe that when he came here in 2008 he was afraid of everything.  Now he's kind of bossy pants.
And here is Wickery with his great big fleece coat.  My lady may have to have Dr. Wilson out because that right horn of Wickery's is growing awfully close to his head.  His other little horn nub isn't growing at all.  Dr. Wilson would have to carefully saw a bit off the longer horn to keep it from hurting Wick. 
My lady checks this horn every day.  There is still a fingertip between the horn and his head.  Phew.
Now that we have our computer back I'm making sure I say hello more often!