Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dashing through the SNOW! Blech

We've had a LOT of snow!  This Saturday we received heavy, wet snow! 
Durin and Dayel were disgusted!
The pasture was a winter wonderland!

My lady tells me that we should appreciate every day and love the beauty.  I told her PFFFFFFTTTTTT!

Mokey is doing very well!  If you enlarge the photograph, which my lady thought was so beautiful, you can see him giving her the raspberry!  ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa

The Rill Song is flowing strongly.  She has been frozen most of this year.

Ug.  My lady said she's not wanting to shovel or bring out the snow blower.

The road on Saturday.  That's the plow waaay up the hill.  Even the plow was having a hard time getting up that hill.

Our driveway.

We really live in a beautiful place.

Here is ME!  My lady hasn't been giving me a full flake of hay at feeding time.  DARN IT!  That's because if she does I pull every last scrap out of my feeder and put it on the ground and then lay on it.  hee hee hee

Narcissa and Gimli's dome looks very exotic!

Mokey is trying out for a neighbelline commercial.  He was giving Nigel the stink face.

And yesterday the sun came out!  How beautiful!

We really do live in a pretty place.  My lady says that when Spring finally arrives we will appreciate it all the more!
In the works for this year...some extra fencing for me and the other goats and the sheep.  My lady isn't sure how she's going to do it but she's going to get some estimates.  It's an area up behind the hill and will give us some room to browse and nibble.  After we get some estimates we will see. 
Wishing you sunshine!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wintery Winds and Snowy Snows

Brrrr!  It's been a long, cold winter and it's not over yet.
The other day it got warm enough for my lady to get the frozen stuff out of the barn.  Mokey helped.  She said, "Oh good...another helper.  Just what I need."  I'm sure she meant that seriously. 
Then it started to snow.
She thought these hoof prints were fun to see.  That's her boot print there on the left, then Sarah and Nigel crossing Sarah's hoof.
Mokey is feeling better, although today my lady saw discharge forming again at the face wound.  Time for more medication! 
It snowed...and the wind blew.  Here is the road.  Brrrr.  All the roads were closed around the area. Even the big ski resort north of here closed.
My lady said that she doesn't worry about the sheep in this weather.  They have shelters to go in but they are always outside getting covered with snow.  Here is Esther.
Cameo has lots of padding to keep her warm.  Cough, cough.
Wickery likes to bring food with him.  That way he's sure never to run out.
And this morning.  Very cold.  Durin and Dayel needed some extra warm mash to help them along. 
Sarah takes a long time to eat her breakfast because of her mouth.  Nozzy is hoping that she might walk away and leave some.  My lady has to watch him because she says he doesn't need extra food.  Tee hee.
Nigel doesn't need extra food either.
Sarah and Nozzy are still quite mean to Mokey, but Nigel has decided he's a nice friend.  They hang out together and share food.
My lady has to place little hay piles all over so everyone feels they can eat in peace.
It took three hours to snow blow out the driveway this morning.  Thank goodness for that snow blower.
And here is my lady yesterday during the storm coming to check on everyone.  She was worried but as you can see Nigel and Nozzy were playing happily.  She put out more warmed water and gave everyone a snack.
Mokey shows that now he is feeling better he has some nifty Kung Fu moves.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mokey Had The Doctor Visit

My lady had the doctor out for Mokey on Monday.  She had discussed the fact of needed dental treatment with her friend, who is Mokey's owner and they both knew it was needed.  On Sunday my lady saw puss oozing from Mokey's face.
Yech.  She immediately determined that his dental condition had created a HOLE in Mokey's face between his cheek and muzzle - right where the chewing teeth would be.
My beloved Dr. Wilson (still beloved even though he tied me to my goat house last time) wasn't available so Dr. Ashley came out.  She is nice.
She was appalled at the condition of Moke's teeth and face.  After sedation and flushing out of the mouth she determined that it was sharp points and lack of dental care throughout the last ten years that had caused the problem.
She took off the largest points with a power float and Mokey has antibiotics and pain medication that my lady gives him twice a day.  She also has to flush out his mouth twice a day.
Here is Mokey showing the shaved place where the hole is.

He's already eating a little better and can even use his tongue to lick his feed tub.  He wasn't wanting to use his tongue before his treatment.
He has to have another treatment before May. 
Today he had his hooves trimmed (photos are pre-hoof trim) and he was a very good boy.  The farrier said that his feet were healthy but uneven and long.  She felt that slowly correcting the angle of the hoof would help his strange way of going.

Later, Nigel and Nozzy helped with chores.

They are great at knocking over the manure fork, but not so good at picking it up and using it.

And here is my maa maa.  She's gained her weight back and now her blanket doesn't fit!  Hee hee.  She was also being very sassy at the sheep and grunting at them and giving them the stink eye.  She's much improved!

My lady took some video of me hopping.  Uh oh.  She may post it on here.  I'm going to get her if she does.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A New Friend Has Come To Stay

We have a new little friend come to stay!  Mokey is a 13 year old miniature horse.  He doesn't belong to us but is going to be cared for here and his owner is paying for all his food and veterinary care.  My lady says she has the easy part...to love him and care for him. 
Guess how he got here?  In a car!
Here is our friend, Jody saying hi to Mokey!  He's very friendly!
He rode in Jody's SUV with my lady watching him.  He was very well-behaved and even fell asleep a little for the 30 mile ride.

When he arrived my lady had put Nozzy, Nigel and Sarah in the pasture so they all couldn't thunder over and scare him.  Dayel came up to say hello.

He did a little exploring.  He's kind of weak.  His former owner loved him very much but kept him inside and he doesn't have many muscles to run and play with.  His new owner thought Mokey would really like it here at our farm.

Sarah and the boys thought they could bully him.  Wellll....Mokey let them push him around for a bit and then let them know that he was NOT to be bullied.  They were surprised!  ha ha

Everyone stands back to have a quiet bite of lunch.

Nozzy and Nigel are wondering who that new guy is. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Grumpy Goat

Hello!  It's ME!
Wow, has this been a cold winter!  It's been very pretty with lots of blue skies and snow but the blue skies bring very cold nights!  Brrrrr. 
I did not like my lady taking my photo with that flash!  Harrumph!

It just keeps snowing! 

Those dogs are pretty lucky.  Thistle loves to follow the fleece blanket around.  It happened to be on the rocking chair so he hopped right up and settled in.

It's OK Thistle!  You weren't in trouble!

Little Keezy received a good report from the doctor.  She's actually lost 1/2 a pound but with the very cold weather she's gotten a little squooshy.  Tee hee. 
Soon she will be fit and trim!  My lady's dog doctor suggested teaching Keezy to swim in the bathtub.  That doesn't sound fun to me but my lady thought Keezy might like it!

I'll just stay in my area and eat lots of good hay!  Burp!