Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Sometime Boyfriend

I'm separated from the sheep because my lady says I'm mean to them.  I just can't leave them alone and I'm sneaky....heh heh heh.
The sheep turn away from me and I run up behind them and BOOM! 
Because of that I have to be in my own area.
The snow has been pretty deep here and I can just about reach those pesky sheep.
My lady caught me battling with Wickery, but then I also snuggled with him.  Well, a girl can change her mind, can't she?

My real boyfriend lives in another town.  This is Babe.  Isn't he just the cutest thing?  He's a good dresser too.
Tee hee.
Izzle.  xoxoxoxo

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My goodness...time flies

It's been a looong February.  The weather people said that in our area it only got above freezing for a total of five hours for the entire month.  We are all feeling it a bit, although my lady is careful to keep us supplied with warmed water and lots to eat.
The paddock shows signs of no goats.  Our table and my maa maa's dome are snow covered.  My lady had to dig out the gate so the hay men could deliver.

Nozzy had icicles on his snoot.

Wickery has no problem with this very cold weather.  It's been consistently below zero Fahrenheit all month.  He doesn't seem to mind.

We LOVE it when the sun comes out as we can get a little relief from the cold.  Here is the horse clan.

Nozzy wants to know if the sunshine makes his butt look big?  So far he has been the last one to show any results from the reducing plan.

Nigel is a bit depressed.  His test results came back that he has insulin resistance.  He's foundered because of this and isn't too comfortable these days.  He's on an anti-inflammatory medication and pain killer but he's tired of being sore in his feet.

Mokey has been standing more and more like this....a giraffe.  My lady thinks his neurological problems are progressing a bit.  He's not uncomfortable....just not very coordinated.  The exercise and free choice in and out has really helped him and he appears quite content.  My lady keeps in touch with the doctors to make sure she is doing everything to make Mokey's life comfy and happy.

Sarah (below) is napping in all the first cutting hay that the horses won't eat.  I'm happy my lady isn't feeding me that crap....er...sorry.  Tee hee.  We goats and sheep are still getting 100 percent second cutting.  Because of Nigel my lady has had  to get some first cutting hay that isn't as nice to eat.  Nozzy needed a diet too.  The horses still get a bit of second, just not as much as they would like.

This wee deer child is sleeping in the path that my lady uses.  She forgot to bring in a flake of hay that fell off the hay sled.  This little deer, who is very thin, is sleeping on it and was nibbling it.  This is only about ten feet from my lady's front door.

This little deer is very thin.  It's been a hard winter for the wild things.

It has not been a hard winter for farm pets.  Nozzy is still f. a. t.  

Sweet Sarah Plain and Small. 

The wee deer hangs out around the house.  My lady doesn't think she will make it.  We need a thaw soon.

And here is Nigel coming in to give my lady a big kissssss. 

My lady took some video of ME, who doesn't have ANY photographs on today's blog.  What is going on?  It's MY blog!  Tee hee.
My lady says to tell you all I'm fat and fluffy and very cute.
Well, I don't know about FAT...but I am fluffy and cute.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snow is Piling Up! Sarah is Feeling Better

It's been a very wintery winter!  The snow is piling up.  My lady says it had better not get much taller because I'll be able to get out of palace. 
Since Durin found his way into my abode my lady had to prop a ladder up in the spot where he was climbing in! 

Now Doo is in the pen with the six foot high fence because he was hopping out of the area and my lady worried he'd get out of the yard.  Once the snow goes down he can come back in with Gimli and the sheep.
They are enjoying a break from naughty Durin.

It has been hard for folks to drive around in these February snows.  The roads have been quite bad.  The plow drivers do their best, but sometimes it just snows too hard too fast.

My lady's planter has a cone head.

Esther Carina is made for the snow.  She and the other sheep look so cozy and warm.

My lady had to climb on top of the sheep shed to get the snow off.  That was hard but she was worried the sheds couldn't handle the weight of all of the snow.  It was about two feet on top.

Then the blue skies came!

Tonight we are getting MORE snow.  And COLD.  Brrrr.
Sarah is doing very well.  She's been a very good girl about getting her antibiotics and has recovered her appetite.

The dog clan is glad that they have a warm house to be in - but they like to come out to play.

If the snow gets any higher my lady will have a tunnel. Tee hee.

Life goes on without the ones me love.  We all miss my maa maa but I haven't called for her much.  I saw her have her seizure and I think I understand that she's at peace now.

Friday, February 6, 2015

More vet bills - Sarah is ill - but recovering

Sometimes I ask my lady why she stares at us so much.
She likes to spend time with us and give us hugs and kisses, but she also spends a lot of time just looking at us.  I asked her why and she told me it's because she needs to know every little thing about us so she can know when we are happy or sad or ill.
I just tell her but she said that sometimes she can't completely understand my "Mehs."  I don't "maa"....I "meh."  Tee hee.
The other day my lady noticed Sweet Sarah Plain and Small was making some odd breathy noises when she ate her evening meal.  So my lady watched her.  She noticed that after Sarah had finished her grain that she took a mouthful of hay and then her mouth got all foamy and she made uncomfortable noises.  That day my lady flushed Sarah's mouth out with warmed water and it seemed to help.
The following day my lady noticed Sarah concentrating hard when she was swallowing her beet pulp mash and grain.  Again, when Sarah went to eat hay there was a lot of foam and Sarah was uncomfortable.  My lady called the doctor right then.
When she was waiting for my lovely Dr. Wilson to arrive my lady saw Sarah start to colic.  Oh dear.  Sarah sometimes colics with weather changes and it was about 35 degrees Fahrenheit that day and cold weather coming in.  When Sarah colics she just plunks down on the ground and curls into a little ball.  She doesn't roll and thrash so she's not in danger of twisting her gut as can sometimes happen.  My lady sat with Sarah until Dr. Wilson arrived.  By the time he got here Sarah was up and not colicy any longer.
He did a full exam.
He stated that Sarah's heart rate and breathing were normal so that she wasn't saying she was in great pain.  This was good.  She does have some heart arrhythmia, which may have to be addressed at a later date.  Dr. examined Sarah's mouth and teeth and decided that because of her crooked mouth that she needed dental treatment.  My lady was doing this every six months but last year she did it only once due to finances. 
Dr. Wilson stated that Sarah had a bit of a sinus infection that was probably giving her a sore throat, which was making her not want to eat scratchy hay.  Makes sense to me!
He gave her some pain killer, made her teeth comfy with his floating machine and gave her water and mineral oil.  That wasn't too fun for Sarah because a tube had to be put down her snoot to her stomach.  Dr. Wilson did this to make sure that the issue wasn't choke, which can happen in horses.
Sarah is now on antibiotics twice a day, pain killers for her throat and lots of kisses from my lady.  Sarah doesn't like her medications so my lady has to do a bit of gymnastics to get Sarah to have them syringed down her throat with applesauce.
Hey...it's good for my lady to do gymnastics.  I'm REALLY hard to give medications to.  I become a berserker (according to my lady).  Tee hee.
Sarah already feels better today and is getting extra warm mashes to make sure she's eating enough.
It's really cold here, which happens when it's clear and sunny.  As long as we have enough to eat and we have warmed water and tasty treats we are pretty happy.
Wait until I tell you about Durin visiting me in MY area!!! He is a naughty goat!  Tee hee hee.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Silliness in the Snow

My lady stuck her face in the snow and it made a sculpture.  Tee hee.  I think she is nuts.  If you want to do this, pick a nice clean bit of snow and slowly press your face into it.  Take a photo and the impression will appear to be a sculpture. 
Durin is getting taller and taller with all the snow we're having.  He's been able to hop into MY PEN and he annoys me!!!!  Harrumph.
We're all eating a lot to help us keep warm.
Since Cameo is a Jacob Sheep, she is a wild-type.  This kind of weather doesn't bother her in the least and often she and Wickery will just plunk down in the slow and let it cover them up!  She has two nice sheds to go in, but she seems to prefer this.  Sheep are bonkers.
It's a little deep for a picnic.  I have hay in my house too but my lady put some out here for me.
My lady had to dig potty-paths for the dogs.  Keezy thinks this is fun!
In the afternoon yesterday the wind picked up!  Nozzy still braved coming out of the barn to look for food.  He insists that my lady needs to feed him more.  She reminds him that the doctors say he needs to lose weight. 
He looks very handsome in the snow and wind. 
The dogs say, "Let us in and give us a treat!"
Here is Nigel standing in the snow last evening.  He doesn't mind this weather either.  As long as the horses and us have warmed water, plenty of food and shelter from the snow and wind we get along just fine.
Mokey looks like a fuzzy plush animal.
So, life goes on without my little maa maa.  We all still look for her and sometimes I call for her.  My lady thought that I would call more, but I saw my maa maa have her seizure and I understand that something was terribly wrong.  We goats are pretty smart, you know?
Thank you all for your lovely comments and good wishes about my maa maa.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Mighty Maa

We're all missing my beautiful little maa maa.
She was small, but mighty. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rest in Peace, My Dear Mama

My mama died tonight.
My lady was feeding us and my mama had a seizure.  My lady was able to get my mama out of the snow, where she had fallen, and back to her shelter.
She could tell that my mama was very sick so she called the emergency doctor.  A new doctor (for us) came out.  Dr. Michael.  He was very calm and sweet to my lady and my mama.
We will all miss my beautiful little mama goat very, very much.