Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mini Horses Make the Best Helpers

It's autumn at my little home.

My lady always has plenty of help when she wants to clean the barn.  She wishes someone would help her move the mud out of the paddock.  The mud-moving-man is very slooow in coming over to do that!

Mokey gets very close to the muck cart.  My lady tells him not to put himself where he might get hurt if he has to move quickly.  He doesn't care.  He likes to help.  My lady has to move that cart around the barn to make sure everyone doesn't get into trouble. 

Mokey is very cute.  He's been enjoying being an outdoor horse and he loves to roll in the dirt.

Nozzy always has to look to see if that's food in the cart.  Nope!  It's horse manure.

Lots of help.  ha haaa

Sarah likes to stand in the doorway of the stall and then she gets a hug before my lady asks her to move so she can get in there to clean.

This is what Nigel said when my lady told him to move out of the way. 

Mokey gets lots of hugs.  He's very sweet.

Naughty Nozzy thinks he can drive the cart. 

I'm always a good help when my lady cleans my house too.  hee hee 
What would she do without us?

Friday, October 10, 2014

The World of Woven Trees

My lady said that a man called Tolkien wrote about elves living in a world of woven trees.
She said we do too.
I just like to eat those leaves when they fall on the ground.
Tee hee hee.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Silly Gimli

Honestly...there is something wrong with Gimli.  Tee hee.
Not me.  I'm perfect.
hee hee hee hee heeeee

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Notes from the Farm

Last year right about this time Keezy was stricken with her hind-end paralysis.  Here is a photo of her from last year!
And here is a funny photo of her from the other day!  Tee hee.  You'd think she was a mean grumpy dog, but my lady took the photo just as Keezy was finishing a yawn.
She's doing OK. A little wobbly behind and my lady is taking her on little walks every day to try to strengthen her.

Speaking of wobbly - here is Mokey with Nozzy.  Mokey think Nozz is a great prop to lean on.  Nozzy isn't so sure about that.
The paddocks did OK this year with giving the gang something to nibble on - but it's slim pickins now. 
Moke looks pretty good!  He's still tipsy but is handling this just fine and he is really enjoying being a horse with the gang.
Here is magnificent ME!  I must say I'm looking pretty good.
Look at that fine figure of a goatess.  Tee hee.
My lady let me and my maa maa out to graze because my maa has not been eating well.  Here I am trading nose snorts with Durin and Dayel, who are down at the barn and wondering what I was doing.
Me and my maa maa.  My lady is giving her warm beet pulp mashes with oats and honey and lots of goat grain.  My maa won't eat hay any more.  My lady thinks her teeth are bad but Dr. Wilson said he didn't think so.  I'd like to eat oats and honey but my lady says I'm too plump for that.
I sure did get to be bigger than my maa maa, didn't I?
Here my maa was helping to weed the garden.  My lady didn't care as long as there was some eating going on.
Here is old Mildred tippy-toeing across the lawn.  Mildred is our oldest hen-friend.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime - and the living is easy!

Helloooo!  It's ME!  My Auntie Claire visited from up north and she took photographs of ME!
Here I am saying "hello," but I'd also like a treat, please. Tee hee.
Cami wondered who Auntie Claire was...all the sheep liked her.
Beautiful Esther Carina.
ME!  I'm looking pretty good!
Well then...sigh....Auntie Claire just HAD to go down to visit those miniature horses.  And guess what?  She KISSED THEM!  Ug.
Nozzy, who my lady said can be quite rascally, was actually very good.

Nigel made sure he kept an eye on my lady while doling out kisses.  Tee hee.
Wickery appreciated the grape vines that Auntie Claire tore from the lilac bush for him.  He's got one horn now because he and Gimli were wrestling.
My lady took a field trip and went to a lovely place called Letchworth State Park.  It's so beautiful there.  Lovely water falls and lovely woods.  It's nice having a guest because then those of us at home get to do things too!
My lady found Big Foot. 

It was so nice to have such a nice visitor as Auntie Claire.  The dogs were loving having the extra person to climb on and kiss. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dratted Computers

Blogger hasn't let me post photographs.
Each time I go to choose a marvelous photograph of ME my lady's computer crashes!  My lady finally got it to work today!
We've been enjoying a lazy, hot stretch and the sheep were sheared.  My lady put me back out with everyone and I tried to kill everyone so I'm back in my palace.
Harrumph.  I truly wasn't actually going to stab Wickery with my horns....honest.
 Here is Nigel.  He always looks like he's smiling.
Wickery hid after his fleece coat was taken off by our friend, Marie.  Tee hee.
Cameo was hiding a big belly under her fleece.  No babies...just big belly.
Esther was a little shocked to find herself without her coat!
Cora is a very beautiful ewe.
Wickery wants to know if these weeds make his butt look fat?
Gimli went into the chicken coop.  heh heh heh
My lady went to a party where she saw the beautiful Junebug Moonshine.  She is famous.  She came from the farm of the Fabulous Beekman Boys.   Junie has this party every year.
Keezy is doing well.
She smiles after she goes for walks. 
And because my lady hasn't taken ANY new photographs of ME I'm showing you a very nice one taken by my friend Teresa.  I'm going on strike.  I want an all-Isobelle blog day.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quiet Days

We had quite a bit of rain here in May.  Areas to our South and East had horrendous flooding.  Strangely enough, our Rill Song stayed within her banks, even though about three miles south there was flooding and four miles north roads were flooded over.
My lady was glad she didn't have to repair the bridge of fence line.

Things are greening up!


Here is my lady talking with Esther.  She says Esther is a lot like Tuuli.  Very kind.

Cameo and Wickery and the girlies are getting sheared this weekend.  They were supposed to get done last weekend but it was too wet.
Cami's former lady (who does the shearing) said that she looks like a "marshmallow on sticks."  Tee hee.

Cora would like to be sheared, although she asked me what that meant and I'm not going to tell!

My lady is so proud of Mokey!  Last night he told her he wanted to have free choice of the stall and barn area?  One of my lady's friends asked how she could tell he wanted that?
Easy!  We animals talk, you know!  Mokey had eaten his grain dinner and my lady put hay and water in his stall as usual but when she was finishing up other chores Mokey whinnied.  This is unusual so my lady went over to see if everything was OK.  He whinnied again and acted anxious so she went into the stall to see if he was OK.  He was - but he was circling, circling.  My lady said Mokey finally decided he could be a full part of the herd and she opened the door.  He very happily went out and spent last night with the gang! 
This morning he was peeking out of his stall door and very happy to have the choice of going in and out like everyone else.  It's taken three months - but Mokey is a full member of the herd.  My lady is so pleased.

Ahem!  And because I need to remind my lady that this is MY BLOG I will post a photograph of beautiful ME!