Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Means Babies!

But not here at my house!  Tee hee.  Fooled you, didn't I?
My lady has a very nice friend that has a little farm full of goats and this year there are some new faces!
Here is Junebug Moonshine in her chicken hat made by our friend, Claire, who lives in Canada! 
And below is Uncle Babe (my lady's boyfriend) with one of the wee ones.  Weee!

My lady was sitting in the pasture and felt someone come up and begin butting her.  She turned her camera around and look what she saw......

And then....the famous Junie Bug had HER babies!  This is Doodlebug.

And this is Stinkbug!  Hee hee.

Meanwhile back at my place - I'm still getting rid of my winter coat!  There was lots of it this year, so I'm using it as d├ęcor around my pen and on my horns.  Add a bit of hay decoration and I'm all set!  Tee hee.

Things are greening up here today after a lovely, gentle rain and I saw some buds coming out on some of the bushes.  Soon my lady and I will go for walks to look for SNACKS! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Life in Remembrance of my Mama

A little baby goat has been born to Mandy Mae Morris at Buttonwood Farm in New York.
The very nice lady who has this farm is calling this new little girl Narcissa after my mama!
She will go by the name, Cissy!

She's very cute...and my lady has held her and says she's very soft and smells good.
It will be very nice to see little Cissy grow up at Buttonwood.
What a nice way to remember my wonderful maaa.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm Having a Furplosion!

There is still snow on the ground here, but my lady said that it must be Spring because I'm losing my winter undercoat!
I had extra this year!  Tee hee.  My lady has been collecting it and she wants to try spinning it into a wee ball of yarn. 
She has a nifty tool called a shedding blade that feels really good and she said tomorrow she would give me a good scratch with it!

She says I'm beautiful, even with my furplosion.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's Been a Long Winter - I think it's Wickery's fault

Wickery LOVES the winter.  He's an Icelandic sheep and thinks snow and ice are wonderful things.  I'd like to murder him.  Tee hee.
The view has been the same day after day.  Snow....snow....snow.

My lady tells me snow can be very down the driveway at the place where she works.

Nozzy doesn't mind the snow. He is fat enough that it doesn't bother him. 


Esther Carina doesn't mind. 

Neither does Cora Belinda.

Blue sky came out a bit in March.

Mokey is doing OK.  He's still wobbly, but he's eating better and has even been bossy. 

Nigel is adjusting to his new restricted diet.  He doesn't get the rich hay any more and has lost some weight.  His feet are getting better.  My lady hopes that he'll be able to be in the pasture with the others this summer.  He's been diagnosed with insulin resistance so he has to watch the green stuff.

Nozzy has been on a diet too - but he eats EVERYTHING and doesn't look like he's lost much.  My lady calls him her Booger.  hee hee

Sarah has lost weight, which my lady didn't want!  Because Nigel can't eat the green hay neither can anyone else.  Sarah is getting a conditioning supplement in her food to help her maintain her figure.

Gimli is funny.  He would love for the winter to end.  He's very busy bossing the sheep around.

There is that blasted Wickery again.  My lady calls this his Wickerpillar posture.  Tee hee.  Snow?  No problem!  He just folds up and becomes one big pile of fleece.

Gimli and Wickery had a conversation the other night.  I think they were talking about how beautiful I am.
See?  After they talked they looked at me like this!
And here is Mildred!  She's my lady's oldest chicken-friend.  My lady says she weathered the winter very well and has only a few white feathers around her eyes. 

Lets hope that next time I write there will be warmer temperatures and sunny skies so the leaves will grow!!!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Sometime Boyfriend

I'm separated from the sheep because my lady says I'm mean to them.  I just can't leave them alone and I'm sneaky....heh heh heh.
The sheep turn away from me and I run up behind them and BOOM! 
Because of that I have to be in my own area.
The snow has been pretty deep here and I can just about reach those pesky sheep.
My lady caught me battling with Wickery, but then I also snuggled with him.  Well, a girl can change her mind, can't she?

My real boyfriend lives in another town.  This is Babe.  Isn't he just the cutest thing?  He's a good dresser too.
Tee hee.
Izzle.  xoxoxoxo

Sunday, March 1, 2015

My goodness...time flies

It's been a looong February.  The weather people said that in our area it only got above freezing for a total of five hours for the entire month.  We are all feeling it a bit, although my lady is careful to keep us supplied with warmed water and lots to eat.
The paddock shows signs of no goats.  Our table and my maa maa's dome are snow covered.  My lady had to dig out the gate so the hay men could deliver.

Nozzy had icicles on his snoot.

Wickery has no problem with this very cold weather.  It's been consistently below zero Fahrenheit all month.  He doesn't seem to mind.

We LOVE it when the sun comes out as we can get a little relief from the cold.  Here is the horse clan.

Nozzy wants to know if the sunshine makes his butt look big?  So far he has been the last one to show any results from the reducing plan.

Nigel is a bit depressed.  His test results came back that he has insulin resistance.  He's foundered because of this and isn't too comfortable these days.  He's on an anti-inflammatory medication and pain killer but he's tired of being sore in his feet.

Mokey has been standing more and more like this....a giraffe.  My lady thinks his neurological problems are progressing a bit.  He's not uncomfortable....just not very coordinated.  The exercise and free choice in and out has really helped him and he appears quite content.  My lady keeps in touch with the doctors to make sure she is doing everything to make Mokey's life comfy and happy.

Sarah (below) is napping in all the first cutting hay that the horses won't eat.  I'm happy my lady isn't feeding me that  Tee hee.  We goats and sheep are still getting 100 percent second cutting.  Because of Nigel my lady has had  to get some first cutting hay that isn't as nice to eat.  Nozzy needed a diet too.  The horses still get a bit of second, just not as much as they would like.

This wee deer child is sleeping in the path that my lady uses.  She forgot to bring in a flake of hay that fell off the hay sled.  This little deer, who is very thin, is sleeping on it and was nibbling it.  This is only about ten feet from my lady's front door.

This little deer is very thin.  It's been a hard winter for the wild things.

It has not been a hard winter for farm pets.  Nozzy is still f. a. t.  

Sweet Sarah Plain and Small. 

The wee deer hangs out around the house.  My lady doesn't think she will make it.  We need a thaw soon.

And here is Nigel coming in to give my lady a big kissssss. 

My lady took some video of ME, who doesn't have ANY photographs on today's blog.  What is going on?  It's MY blog!  Tee hee.
My lady says to tell you all I'm fat and fluffy and very cute.
Well, I don't know about FAT...but I am fluffy and cute.