Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi From Blurry Me!

I was being very frisky this morning and wanted a nice hug from my person. She kept trying to take my photograph but I kept asking for a HUG. NOW! This is the result... hee hee hee

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here I am being silly... I like to skritch my back with my horns and I get little bits of my "fleece" stuck to my horns and look really cute.Here is Number. We are having a snow storm today and he is enjoying it very much. Wee hoo! He likes to play like I do. I wonder if we could play together sometime if he ever comes here to live. I think he is very handsome standing there in the snow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Special Treat

It is very cold and windy today. Our lady went into the woods and took a few boughs from a balsam fir for us to nibble on. This fir tree was already down so she didn't think that it would be wrong to use some of the branches for us. They are really yummy!

Gimli likes the treat too!
And my mom! Nom, nom, nom, nom...And a surprise up at the house! Our lady doesn't like to buy birdies from pet shops - there are so many that need homes at rescue centers - but sometimes there is a special bird that needs to live with us. Here on the far right is our new friend Gloria Swanson. Gloria was all alone in a big cage full of male Zebra finches and was being picked on a lot. Society finches are quite docile and sweet and sometimes don't mix with Zebras. Our lady watched the birds for a long time and decided that little Gloria was not happy. We didn't know if she was a male or female because with Societies you only know if they sing (males) or don't (females). Humphrey is VERY happy - you see his expression there... he's the chocolate and white bird on the left. Errol is in the middle. Humphrey knew right away that Gloria was a girl and sang and danced at her! Welcome Gloria!
And here is Gloria with her special top knot of feathers - very stylish! Someone doesn't like it when new birdies come to the house. Poor Thistle. Lots of hugs for Thistle.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picnic and a Swing Anyone?

Snow, snow, snow. There isn't much wind in our valley so the snow piles up. This is just from January.
Here is our swing.
And me this morning!
Durin doesn't like that he can't get out of his stall at night. Here he is this morning. By the look of things it's time to have a hoof trim!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flowers for a Winter Day

It's a very pretty wintery day here in the hollow. I was thinking about the yummy plants of summer and thought my blog should have a reminder of those days. Here is our lady's front garden. There are flowers and herbs there. I sure would like to go up there and nibble on some of those nice plants.
Cosmos and blue salvia.
Calendula. Our lady makes some soap with these flowers. I've heard they are very good to eat too!
Here are Auguste and Beryl. They are Zebra finch friends. Beryl was named for the ballet dancer Beryl Grey. She's very pretty.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Video of Isobelle and Narcissa

videoWell, I saw a video that one of Claire's blogger-friends posted on her Boer goat so I just had to try this. My person isn't sure about these videos because she says she is always talking in a funny voice to us on them. This video is of me nursing from my mom. She only gave me a few minutes to do this.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thistle and the Great Mousie Hunt

We goaties don't care for Thistle very much because he is definately a Jack Russell Terrier and he really thinks he is superior to goats. Imagine! Today our lady told us that Thistle had a grand time in his back yard hunting for mice. He loves to dig in the snow and then he listens for the mice. This is a good winter for mousie hunts because the snow has been on the ground for so long the little creatures have lots of tunnels.Here Thistle is telling all about his hunt. He was very happy about it.
We have a sign in our driveway that warns people that all sorts of critters cross here.Our person was right about Durin. Yesterday morning he was in with me, my mom and Gimli! He had climbed out of his stall again and climbed on the hay tower and jumped down in. Now that is naughty and he could have hurt himself so our lady fixed the stall. She put a line of welded wire fence across the part where he was climbing out....he was mad! He knew what she was doing and didn't like it. Thank goodness he was in his stall with Dayel this morning and didn't get into trouble again.

Friday, January 16, 2009


It's five below this morning here in our valley. The sun is coming out so that will help a lot. Our lady tried to keep us in the other day and me, my mom and Gimli were good but those elflings were bad boys and clambered out of their stall and explored all over the barn. Durin even jumped up onto the top of the hay and looked down at us from on top! Our lady said that he was just goat enough to try to jump down and she doesn't want him to break a leg. She hasn't tried to keep us in after that. We just like to be out on schedule. We can go in to our stall when we want and there is warmed water and three sources of hay and a nice salt lick in there. Here I am with my face in the hay. I was making goat yummy sounds.... too bad you can't hear me! Our lady said she needs to raise that feeder now that I'm big!
Mom came over to see why I was being so silly with the same hay we get every day.
Here is Durin. He was being funny and scampering around outside.
Here is Gimli racing back to the stall. I think he figured out how cold it is outside! And up at the house - here is Errol Flynn on the right and his friend Nutmeg on the left. Errol is a Society finch. He and his other society friend Humphrey Bogart have pretty songs and they dance when they sing. The zebras like to play with paper so there is paper hanging all over their cage.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wow! An Award!

I'm very honored to have received the Lemonade Stand Award from Claire in Iowa! I guess I've always been a happy little goat and I've never been bad tempered. I've never tasted lemonade but I've told my person that this summer I will want some. I'm really new to blogging and don't have ten blogs to send the award to but I will nominate the following for the award.

1) I like the Shiloh Horse Rescue's blog. They have many funny videos and stories that go along with their care of their animals. They save unwanted animals and treat them very well and always with humor and fun. I especially like Salsa the burro and the new piggy, Jimmy Dean.

2) Sarah Andrew's blog is full of absolutely beautiful photographs of horses and other animals. She sees beauty in the Thoroughbred racehorse and has wonderful stories about her horses that she has loved. Her photos are inspirational. Maybe she would like to photograph little goats sometime!

3) This is a photo blog by someone who loves goats! She also takes in foster dogs and finds them new homes. I always enjoy the photographs and stories that go along with her rescued animals. This person is always very upbeat and nice.

Maybe someday I'll have more blogs to nominate for this award. I'm having a little difficulty posting to my nominated blogs but I'll keep trying. Must be my little cloven hooves. It is one degree here in our valley but the sun is shining. We are in our stall for the morning but our lady is coming down soon to let us out to play for a bit. She worries that we don't need to be out in the cold snow when it is this harsh outside. Boy, did those elf boys complain about being left in today! They banged on their stall for a long time. Maybe if they wouldn't chase Gimli out into the snow they could have come out this morning. hee hee

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Iowa? Me?

Claire would like me to visit Iowa. I wouldn't mind seeing those cute little ducks and those fuzzy sheep and being able to take a bath in the bathtub. Now, I'd love to be the little goat that went all over the world. That would be wonderful. My mom would get awfully upset. She and I have never been separated. I'm kind of unusual. I have little pygmy goat legs and a boer face and a big fluffy body. Our lady asked about my dad and he has died so there won't be any more like me! The cold and the snow are coming in. We are getting ready. Why does out lady keep saying we are going to have cabin fever? She said that maybe she wouldn't open our door to the outside tomorrow because of the cold. I guess I won't mind too much but those elf boys are going to have one of their bad boy attacks. Here they are being themselves. Doesn't Durin look like he's smiling? Gimli is always back by the corner of the barn. He waits to see what is going to happen.

The boys don't. They are always right there at the front of the line. Up at the house Ollie the frog came out of her greenery to say hello!

Me, me, me

I found some photos of me as I was growing up.
I'm making a muppet face. hee hee
Me when I was two months old. I was cute!
My mom likes to see people walking on the road. She will then let out a huge "BAAAAAHHHHH".

Saturday, January 10, 2009

View From The Top

This is our valley. Some day I hope to walk up here to the lookout. Thistle the dog gets to do this...why not me? We are in the woods so you can't see our house. This is old farming country that has grown back up to woods. Can you believe that around 1900 there were NO TREES on our hillsides?

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's cold!

It's a very cold winter's day! The sun is out, which is nice. All of our fur is fluffed out and our lady says we look very cute.

Of course, here are the boys stealing the show again. I get rather angry at them because they are so pushy. See me in the background? I'm being a LADY and there is Durin hopping right up on our person. Look - his front legs are up on her shoulders! I think that is naughty!
Of course, where Durin goes Dayel is not far behind. He also jumps on our lady.
Mom and I decide to go in and wait for the grain.
Durin jumps up on the grain bin so we can't get any grain until he hops off again. He must be looking at the ceiling goat. heh heh
The forecast is for cold weather and our lady worries a bit about Gimli, who seems to feel the cold more than we do. She said that if it gets too cold she will keep us inside for a few more hours. That way Gimli would be out of the wind and cold. My mom will hate that. She likes her door open during the day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deer Friends

We have lots of deer friends that come by to talk to us. They tell us stories of the deep woods and we tell them how nice it is to get good food and cuddles. Our lady set up a trail camera in the woods. Isn't he pretty?

We just love all of the wild life around our home but we do run from the raccoons! Durin is a great herd protector. He will let out a great "TOOT!" through his nose if he thinks danger is in sight and we all scamper for the barn.