Sunday, August 29, 2010


Millie's mom Teresa over at has given me an award!  THANK YOUU!!!!!

Old Brin the husky mix dog and Ting-a-Ling the Pekingese dog are friends. They are even the same color!  Brin is over 15 years old and this summer has been showing her age.  She doesn't always know where she is or what she's doing, and her muscles are kind of weak.  She gets special treats and help up and down the stairs to the backyard and my lady has to remind her to go potty outdoors instead of indoors.  Brin was someone's throwaway dog 15 years ago.  She had been found wandering down a country road at four months old and a shelter picked her up.  My lady adopted her from that shelter. When she was little she was very afraid of loud noises like guns and lawn mowers.  She is my Boompa's (my human Grandpa) favorite. 

Here is Brin in 1995 racing through the snow.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Foxie!

My lady caught the little would-be chicken thief in her Havahart trap this morning.  The fox went into the trap about eight thirty this morning.  It was a cute, quite-young fox and very healthy looking.  Very scared to be in the trap tooooo.  My lady checked with the Environmental Conservation people and because this fox is deemed "nuisance wildlife" because it was going after her chickens she can "dispose" of it as she sees fit.  She took the fox over to a 1000 acre wildlife preserve and set it free. 

She knows as a "chicken farmer" she could shoot the fox but she knows the fox is just being a fox...and very smart to find the chickens and get into Alcatraz too.  She's going to keep the trap out in case there are brother and sister foxes around.  We live in a very wild area so we have bear, coyotes, weasels and mink, bobcat and supposedly a bigger cat too.  We try to coexist as much as we can without killing each other. 

Here is the wee fox.  You never saw anything run so fast when my lady coaxed it out of the cage! 

It's hard to see a beautiful wild thing in this Havahart trap, isn't it?  At least it had a meal of stinky cat food.  Blech.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fox Among the Chickens

My lady saw a bold young fox playing in the front yard this week.  It kept coming out onto the lawn and playing and making Thistle try to go through the front door to get it.  Yesterday it appeared in Chicken Alcatraz.  My lady was farily certain that nothing the size of a fox could get into Chicken Alcatraz, but yesterday she saw the bold young fox IN Alcatraz.  She chased him/her out.

Here is Alcatraz.  The ladies have a chain link chicken paddock and then this grazing area that was once my lady's back yard.  It's fenced off with picket fence, garden fence and goat panels and then has pheasant netting over the top!  The pheasant netting has really helped because hawks are always bombarding it but not getting a chicken.

Here is looking down the line of goat panels to the Paddock.  There used to be a double row of garden fence here to keep Thistle from getting to the chickens.  My lady bought the goat panels for US GOATS but we wouldn't eat when she set it up in the brush.  We just baahed and worried and tried to get the chickens got the panels.

This used to be a nice backyard.  When the septic was repaired the septic people left lots of uneven ground and all the lawn was torn up and rocks exposed so my lady didn't feel bad letting the chickens have the area.

Here is Angus out in Alcatraz with some of the ladies.  There is Priscilla his bantam hen and the three month old ladies, Winifred, June, Fleur and Imogen.

Agatha wants some treats put in her bowl.  There is Poot behind her and Dorothy Maud on the right.

Here are Fleur, Jolyon (who was supposed to be Euphemia!) and Winifred.  Winifred has spied a hawk.

Beautiful Imogen.

Agatha is still wishing the lady would clean out her bowl and put treats in there!

Little Fleur, Jolyon and Winifred again.

My lady went out to the store yesterday and bought some more chicken wire.  She wanted hardware cloth but she has to line Alcatraz and it's 100 feet around.  The hardware cloth was $50 dollars for 25 feet so she had to go with the chicken wire, which was half that.  She's got to dig it down into the ground.  I think she should stick to goats but she reminded me that just a few weeks ago she was fixing about 200 feet of fenceline where I had shimmied under.  Ooops.  Hee hee.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Durin is Feeling Better

Humph....Durin Elessedil is feeling better.....because he chased ME and butted my mom.  My lady said she liked him better when he was quiet.  Tee hee....well...not really....she's happy that he's feeling more "normal", which is naughty.

He loves his hay bag and my lady puts a whole flake of hay in there at night but he only eats some of it - he likes to play with the bag and pull all the hay out and fling it around his stall.  My lady would like to put all of us on an herbal dewormer.  She's trying to find one that isn't toooooo expensive.  Shipping is a lot. 

I say  FORGET the wormers and GIVE ME MINTS!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sarah Had a Dental Treatment!

Here is Sarah Plain and Small waiting for the doctor to come float her teeth.  She's a little concerned that she's in the stall.  Sarah was very good for the doctor but she did need to be sedated.  She does NOT like to have her mouth fiddled with.  Because of her deformed mouth Sarah needs a dental treatment every six months.  She was very good until the very end of the treatment and then she reared up and tried to pound the doctor with her little hooves.  Naughty! 

I'm eating hay and Nigel is peeking in to see where Sarah is. 

This is Dr. Vranich.  She is our first lady doctor from this practice.  Number flirted with her and gave her a kiss.  Nigel wanted to help her with her buckets.

Here's my pretty momma Narcissa. 

ME!  Hellooooo!

My mom is looking for Sarah.....

Here is Durin.  You can see how skinny he is.  The doctor thought that since Durin didn't have any other signs of Johne's Disease that my lady should continue to feed him up and keep him on a frequent de worming program.  We all got a broad spectrum pelleted wormer last week.  Durin is looking a bit better.  His fur is ruffled there on his hip because he was scratching himself with his horns.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello's ME.  I'm inside my boudoir for a little today because of the bombadier flies!  We HATE those.  I do think though that I should have TREATS when I'm inside my boudoir!

Mom and I are out now.... see any flies?????

Dayel and Durin are getting extra food and minerals.  My lady is worried about them.  They've always been slender but now Durin especially is getting very thin and his hair coat is course.  My lady hopes that they don't have a yucky goat illness called Johnes' Disease.  Oh dear.  She's having them tested when Sarah gets her teeth done.  We've all been dewormed and hopefully this will help Durin and Dayel.

Sarah is looking good!  She is even getting a tiny bit plump!  Yay!

Er...speaking of PLUMP....cough cough.... here is Gimli!

Here is Nigel closing his eyes to the camera flash.... he always looks GOOFY!  Tee hee.  My lady gives him lots of hugs.

And here are some lovely summer flowers.  Yummy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Beak Question!

Claire asked a good question about the baby Society finches.  She noticed that they have dark beaks and that Gloria, the mom, has a pink beak.  She wondered if the beak of the baby would change color. 

Let's take a look at the parents.....  We know Gloria's beak is pink but here are the possible dads.... Errol is on the left with his light brown beak and Humphrey is in the middle with his dark beak.  That's Cyril on the right and he's a Zebra finch and not one of the dads! 

Here is Humphrey and Gloria.  Maybe the babies are Humphrey's?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  The Zebra babies start out with grey beaks and they turn orange when adult.  I'm glad my snoot didn't turn orange when I grew up!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother and Child

Gloria and her largest child today.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Durin Elessedil has an Adventure

Durin and Dayel Elessedil have always been naughty goats.  Why my lady likes them I cannot imagine!  Sure, they follow her all around and give kisses and are very friendly to her but they are kind of bossy to us other goats.  Gosh - when they first came here to live they were small!  That was almost two years ago now.  They belonged to a nice lady who had raised them in her home with a bottle and then that lady's husband decided the boys would be good to she gave them to my lady who snuck them out in the back of her car when the husband wasn't looking. 

My mom didn't care for the boys right away... maybe she knew how scampy they were going to be! 

My lady says they are kind of endearing.  Blech.  I'd be endearing too if I could get anywhere near my lady when those boys are around.

Well, yesterday my lady was in her little office at the back of the house and she heard a "baaah".  It didn't sound normal so she listened some more.  Then she heard the neighbor lady (who lives about 1/4 of a mile down the road) yell to her dog, "NO NO NO...COME HERE!  NO NO".  My lady had a bad feeling about that and got up and went out front and started down the driveway just in time to hear a big truck screech to a halt in the middle of the road.  She began to run.  Around the corner of the front of our long driveway comes DURIN!  He had been in the road!  My lady said, "DURIN!" and he yelled, "MAMAAAAA!"  and they ran towards each other like in one of those silly romantic movies (oh brother).  Then they hugged and kissed ( oh brother again) and my lady put a distressed Durin back in the paddock.  She said no one was allowed to scare her like that ever again because if she had a heart attack and fell over dead in the driveway who would take care of us?  Tee hee.

How did he get out?????  Wellll....cough....cough.... some of us have been shimmying under a spot at the back of the pasture and eating things outside of the fence.  My lady knew my mom and I  and Gimli were doing this and we were careful not to go far beyond the fenceline but she guesses Durin shimmied under and then couldn't get back... he's big.  So he went towards the sound of the neighbor lady and her kids.  He would have had to really bush wack and cross a stream to do this. He got a big scare!  So did my lady. 

No more shimmy fence for us.... darn it.  My lady used every bit of extra fencing she had and covered up any possibly shimmy spots.  I guess I'm glad Durin came back and wasn't hurt.  He's very entertaining.

Now my lady is trying to see about buying some goatie fence from Premier Fencing to maybe make us a temporary electrified area that we can graze in.  She said we could help her with the bad brush around the house!  Now that sounds like FUN!