Sunday, October 23, 2011

Muckety Muck and a Sunny Day

Hello!  Hi!  MEH!  It's ME!

This is one of the times of the year when it's really muddy here.  My lady usually has the tractor man from up the road over to scoop all the muck and mud out of the paddock but this year it's not in the budget.  She said it's two hundred dollars for him to do it. 

It's yucky and she doesn't like it and we're not too crazy about it but we'd rather have nice things to eat than a clean paddock, I guess.

Nigel and Nozzy are always playing.  ALL the time! 

Nozzy is a little plump!  My lady says he's really a nice little horse and he loves to be cuddled and held.  Today he was being naughty and chasing us goats around a bit but my lady told him no and he stopped and went to bother Nigel instead.  Tee hee.

Here is Nigel having a snack.

Look what those naughty mini boys have done!  They dug a hole!  They dig at it and throw rocks out of it and they really like when it fills with water!

Number says there are flies out today, but we haven't seen any.

Gimli is sticking by Sarah because Nozzy was bothering him.  Sarah doesn't like mini horse boy  shennanigans! 

ME!  I'm peeking!

 I know that if I run to the picnic table my lady will follow me and give me extra attention!  Look at my nasty muddy feet!  Yuck!

My noble Boer profile.

My lady and I had a meeting of the minds.  That was nice.  We stood there touching for ever such a nice long time.

Here is the driveway.  Usually the tractor man moves those muck piles back and evens them out when he comes each year.  My lady has to do this by hand this year. She says yuck.

Tuuli and Baalin are doing very well!  Here they want my lady to come in and give them hugs.  She really likes to sit with them as they are so gentle and soft. 

I'm going to go ruminate in the sunshine and think about trying to lay an egg again.  I'm sure that when I manage to lay an egg and hatch out a wee goatling that I will be such a spectacle so famous that it will make my lady enough money to clean the muck out of the paddock!  Weeeee!


Pricilla said...

I don't much like mud either Isobelle

Kelly said...

Isobelle,I understand the muck issue. We are having the same problem. The goats just don't like the mud and they stay clear. We have to slip and slid through the mud and muck. Glad everyone is doing well. Stay dry sweet goatie.

Louise said...

Nasty old mud. Hopefully, it won't be too rainy this Fall, and all of that stuff will dry up and harden. You and your critter family are all so cute. No wonder your Lady loves you all so much (but you most of all, Isobelle.)

John Gray said...

I hate mud more than ANYTHING
the downside of bloody winter

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Well we blew through our gravel budget Isobelle and we still wish we could have more gravel. I hate mud, just like you.

Terry said...

Isobelle, I see you have your blog back. You do indeed have a very noble profile. I'm glad you all are doing fine. Sorry about the nasty old mud.

Millie said...

I don't like budgets. That's why the human hasn't build us a big beautiful climbing and playing castle. I guess food is better than a castle too. Hope it dries up soon. I love the picture of you and your lady. it's obvious how much you too love each other.

Melodie said...

Maybe your lady can find you some kind of goatie mud boots.Maybe pink ones..with some sparkly bling on them

ChrisJ said...

How lovely to have that meeting of the minds. I like to think that Isobelle's little spirit is growing when you do that. I don't mean in a religious sense but just her feeling of contentment and happiness which gives off sweetness -- just like cats like to be petted.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

YAY! so glad to see your update but not so glad to see the mud. farms always have mud season, don't they? ours usually comes in the spring. as to fat horses...that reminds me, I need to pull one of mine off pasture; she's too fat!

Quiltin' Mama said...

Laying an Egg Isobelle that would be like the Giant peach from James and the giant Peach- quite a sight indeed. Heres's hoping the mud dries up but I know more rain is on the way.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Ewwwww, muddy feetsas! Here it is muddy but not quite as muddy as you have it. I think that might be because we have no horses to churn it up with their playing. It was so lovely to see a new post and lots of new pictures. Isobelle, I think your neck fybur is getting darker!! It must be all that thinking about getting curly whirlies. We wish we lived closer so we could help with your driveway and muck piles. Good luck with your egg laying!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Oh dear. Goats are like lavender....they hate to get their feet wet!

I love the smuzzle pic of you and Maa-maa. That's my favorite thing to do!


Marigold said...

How about wood chips? The goatmother puts wood chips in our lot every winter. Seems to work pretty well. But maybe you have no access to those. I hate mud too - and rain - and Alpines.

Sally said...

Miss your blogging!

Knatolee said...

You all look like you have spring fever in fall!