Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Kezia is feeling better!  This makes therapy sessions interesting!

She wants to play!

She wants to be silly!

She wants to wave to all her supporters!

She wants to RAWR!  Tee hee

She wants to look really, really cute!

She's still not wanting to step on the leg, but that's to be expected.  My lady is very glad she's feeling happy and not trembly and sore!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My lady has started right in with Kezia's therapy sessions.  The doctor said that if she doesn't do them correctly that Kezia could lose the leg later on!  That is very scary!

Here is Kezia during her cryotherapy.  I think that means my lady holds Kezia and cries but she told me it was an ice pack that she holds on the surgery area for 20 minutes three times a day.

Kezia reads the instructions and tells my lady what to do.

Big surgery scar!  It's healing well though.

During the treatment.  My lady has ordered a soft cone thingy.

Keezy doesn't look too happy.  She's getting her sore leg and hip stretched and moved.

She was spayed too so she has a sore stomach!

This is what my lady sees when she looks down! 

The saddest face.

Here's ME eating!  Aren't you glad?

And here is beautiful Mildred the Magnificent!  She is the farm talker.  Mildred has a comb like a rooster but is a hen!  Sometimes she will give a great big crow that sounds really funny!  She is the president of the Anti-Chicken Wing Eaters Society.  Tee hee.  She has minions.

My lady says thank you for all your kind wishes of good will for Kezia!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome Home Kezia!!

She's home!

Aah!  The air of home smells good and the sun feels nice!

All fixed!

All the people at the hospital really liked Kezia. She has that way about her.

They said they called her "the little monkey".  Tee hee. 

My lady now has to do a LOT of therapy with her.  For five days Kezia gets to have a lovely cool ice pack on her three times a day for twenty minutes.  Then three times a day she has her hip range of motion exercises, her hip stretches and her standing weight shifts. 

She has to be kept very quiet and aside from her physical therapy and her potty breaks she has to remain in her crate or her playpen.  Today she's happy with that.

Ting-a-Ling and Thistle aren't allowed to bother her for the two weeks so that means separate potty breaks and everything. 

We are all very glad that she is home.  My lady loves her very much.

I guess some odd day I'll have a blog All. About. ME.  Maybe if I laid an egg I'd get a blog about me.  Or if I flew.  Maybe I have to think of something to get my lady's attention.  Hmmmm.  I'll think on it.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Surgery Update

The doctor phoned and said that Kezia is out of surgery and in the recovery room!  He is going to call again this evening to give us another update and hopefully my lady can go pick up our little friend tomorrow afternoon!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tomorrow is the BiG DaY!

LOOOK at all of the eggs the hen ladies have laid!  This was only five day's worth.  Tee hee.  My lady has a lot of happy friends now.

Tomorrow is Kezia's big day.  She goes in very early to await her surgery for her "female o'stick to me" as Lucky Nickel, my goatie friend says.  

Here Kezia is giving the camera somewhat of a hairy eyeball as she didn't know why my lady was pointing it at her so early in the morning.

OK lady, now I'm getting PEEVED. My lady didn't take any photographs of ME today so she went back in time and found one of me when I was about four months old!  Talk about unflattering!  Watch it lady, you do have to come down to the barn in an hour.  Tee hee hee.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm delaying my ALL ABOUT ME blog because today my blog is about some very special people and their kindness!

As most of you have read, Kezia has had a problem with her left hip. She and my lady went in Thursday to the specialist and Kezia stayed for hours and the doctor took xrays.  He found what he had suspected; Kezia has marked deterioration of her femur bone.  She needs to have her femoral ostectomy and it's going to cost upwards of three thousand dollars.
Here is were the kindness of people (and goats) comes in.
Texan makes really cute little goatie coats.  I'm too big to fit into them, darn it, but they are for wee goats who have just been born and who need some extra warmth.  You can see them on her blog.  Aren't they cute?  The polka dotted one is especially nice!  She is kindly selling them this month and donating the proceeds to Kezia to help with surgical costs!

Also helping is Pricilla and her lady, who together make marvelous soap!

Ms. Texan also mentions our friend Claire of Whispering Acres and Claire is very busy moving into her very own blueberry and wine farm! 

My lady has some things for sale too, but they are big to ship.  She is selling all of her horse equipment and strapwork not necessary for Number to have as a retired horse, and that includes her Tristan dressage saddle and matching Courbette bridle, her Victoria side saddle and matching bridle and all the kerfuffle that goes with having worked at a saddlery shop for six years.  The side saddle comes with all strapwork and girth and a carrying case. She'll have a list made soon.

Then she's selling her Hobie Mirage pedal powered kayak.  This is a big, stable boat and is very fast. She has a Thule rack that can be sold separately to go with the boat. 

She has a ProFit treadmill.  This is BIG.  It has an adjustable incline and several programmed exercises into it. It can be hooked up to a computer for more torture exercise programs.

There may be other things, of course, but these are the biggest. 

Kezia's surgery appointment is May 20th.  Doctor is going to spay her at the same time as both he and our regular vet think one big surgery will be better than two separate ones.  My lady is worried.

We want to thank Ms. Texan and Pricilla and her lady and Claire for their kindness and support.  We have met some lovely people through this blogging world.

Many thanks from me and my lady.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hooray! It's about Time!

It's such an important occasion that I will hold off my blog about ME to tell you that Thomas has arrived at his new home with John in Trelawnyd, Wales!

Thomas is very handsome, even though he is not a BOER.  He does have some lovely wattles going there. I wonder if I were to hold my breath if I could pop out some wattles?  hee hee hee

I've been telling John to get a goat or ten for quite a while now and I hope he will be pleased with Thomas, although I suspect that he has NO IDEA what he's in for in goatie delights!  Tee hee.

Congratulations John!  Welcome to the wonderful world of goatie domination.  Prepare to be amazed!!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day MAAAA!

I love my maaa Narcissa. 

Happy Day Beautiful Maa MAA!

Monday, May 2, 2011


My lady has promised me that this week I will get a blog ALL ABOUT ME.  She did spend a lot of time this morning scrubbing me behind my horns and giving me a massage and combing out my fur.  That was fun.  I also got kisses.

Kezia is a very happy little dog.  My lady says she will use the left leg for balance but isn't really putting any weight on it.  If my lady puts her hand under the right leg Kezia will push back.  If she puts her hand under the left there is no push.  Next appointment the 12th.

Here my lady said, "Come".  Kezia is silly.  She flies over.  Thistle says, "yeah, yeah, I'm coming".

With her stick

Thistle loves to sit on the garden swing with my lady.  They sit and swing back and forth.

Thistle has to go back to the doctor for more tests. He's just so itchy.  He's on grain-free food and gets fish oil and brewer's yeast tabs with garlic and also an anti-itch pill but he's still itchy!

Kezia loves to sit on my lady's lap and chew her "dolly".  I remember when I could fit on my lady's lap.  If I try that now I knock her over.  Tee hee hee