Saturday, July 23, 2011


Kezia is recovering from her bone operation on her right leg.  Here she is in her playpen with her Comfy Cone on.  My lady wants to know why the people who make this cone put reflective fabric around the edge?  Weird.

Keezy is weak behind and needs her soft sling to get around outside but today really wanted my lady to play with her.  She gets her ice and therapy twice a day until her staples come out of her hip area.

Everyone at the hospital really likes Kezia.  They all smile and want to kiss her when they see her. 
I think I should go visit this hospital as a goat of mercy.  Do you think they would all smile and want to kiss me?  Tee hee hee.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surgery Day for Kezia

Hi!  Hello! Maaa!  It's ME!  It's been quiet here on the farm with all of us waiting for Kezia's second surgery day, which is today.  She's still's only 4:30 in the morning.

Here I am in all my gorgeousness.  Dr. Wilson, my friend, my handsome veterinarian, said I was FAT.

I tried to tell him that I was half BOER and that we are supposed to be round and soft and snuggly but he didn't believe me!  Humph.

He said that Dayel, who is shown here shoving ME off the picnic table, was almost perfect weight.

Well, poo!  He's a LaMancha and they are weird looking.  Look at all those angles and bony hips!  Not for me!

Here is Kezia!  We are worried.  We know that the doctors will do their best but it's an awful lot for a wee dog to go through - and not even a year old!

In the garden the daylillies are blooming.  I told my lady that I should taste them so that I could tell her if they were really worth growing but she said no.
Here is "Dear Ruth" from Grace Gardens in Penn Yan, NY

Hey...these aren't daylillies!  They are Claire's orchids which she left with my lady when she moved to Nova Scotia!  Aren't those beautiful flowers?

This is a big flower that my lady has had for a while.  She doesn't know the name of this one.  I think there should be a great big white daylily with the name of ISOBELLE!  hmmmm.

Here are some of the young parakeets.  These two are brother and sister, born last year.  Cute. They look all skinny because they don't like that camera pointed at them.

Here are two sisters. 

Here is one of last year's children from Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Swanson.

Hope it's going to be a good day!  It's going to be really, really hot with lots of FLIES.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kezia news...repeat with right leg - note added

Kezia had her appointment with the specialist today.  It's bad news.  Her right leg needs the same operation as the left.

The doctor said (with obvious excitement and doctorish happiness) that it's very rare to have this condition in both legs.  Kezia's in a fair amount of pain and the doctor made her scream when he palpated the leg.

My lady has a call in to her regular doctor as she preferred to have the new set of required xrays done there.  The specialist is an hour away and requires the pet to be dropped off at seven a.m. and not to be picked up 'till late afternoon.  Regular doctor is 1/2 hour away.

The xrays will be done and surgery scheduled.

My lady said she almost made it out of the exam room without crying but didn't quite make it.  She said that although the doctor won't give her a discount for making her cry he did give her a tissue.  Sniff.

He said that the good news is that the left leg has done really well and has healed perfectly.

A note from Isobelle's Lady, Dear friends,

I don't quite know how to say this but I very much appreciates the magnificent effort that occurred for Kezia's last surgery.  The sales of lovely goat coats and soap and jewelry and the gifts towards the first surgery were so unexpected and appreciated. 

I in no way wish any of you to feel that you need to contribute towards this second surgery.  That would be too much of a burden to you and yours.  This second surgery will go onto the credit card with the first one and be paid off a wee little bit at a time.

Thank you all again for the first wonderful and generous gifts of blessings, good wishes and donations.  I will never forget it.