Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome New Friends

It was a pleasant day for a drive to pick up Gimli's friends!

It's a farm that specializes in Finn sheep.

Ram lamb bums!

Beautiful ram.

And here they are!  Gimli's new friends!

Some of the flock.  They were all very friendly and came trotting up to give gentle nose sniffs.

Here is an Icelandic sheep.

When we got home my lady's friend Amy helped get Gimli up to the house.  He did NOT want to walk up the hill so they put him in the cart!

He checked out the temporary living arrangements. 

Hi new friends!

The lambs were more interested in eating grass.

Gimli isn't too happy.

The sheep are so quiet that Gimli takes some courage from their calmness.  My lady named the little ewe Tuuli, which means "lively".  The wee boy doesn't have a name yet.  My lady told a friend that he should be named after a dwarf in the called Balin, although she would spell it Baalin.  Tee hee.

The lambs check out the huts.

Gimli says, "lady, I want to go back down to the barn".

We shall see how Gimli does for the rest of the afternoon. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I heard a rumor!

I heard my lady talking to Gimli this morning.

She said that since Number has stepped on his little friend TWICE when my lady was present, and the LaMancha boys are being very mean, that Gimli has to go back up to the back yard.

She said that some new friends were coming to keep Gimli company.  She is going to drive to get them tomorrow.  They are.....gasp....SHEEP!

I sure hope they are very ugly and she doesn't want to spend a lot of time with them.  She told me that she wouldn't have to get sheep if my maa maa and I would be more gentle with Gimli.  Then we could have moved up to the back yard with him.  My maa maa and I get really buttie when food is involved (especially ME) and we can't be attacking Gimli like she's seen us do in the past.

OK.  But Sheep, lady?

She told me that the sheep will be more gentle than the average goat and Gimli needs that right now.  Besides, these are special needs sheep too.  One has a lame leg from being ill as a lamb and the other had a broken leg as a lamb and cannot be bred.  Their owner was worried because her farmer husband told her that they were going to have to be slaughtered at the end of October if no pet home could be found.

My lady is such a sucker. She especially wants them because they needed a pet home. They are Finnsheep. One is white and the other black/brown. My lady is having dreams of lovely wool.

My lady said I'll probably not meet them but I can talk to them from the barn...just not too loudly so the neighbors won't complain (like they do when my maa maa is in season). Tee hee hee hee hee

xoxoxo from ME.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Determined Goat

As many of you can guess we goats are very determined people.

This is my determined face.  Intriguing isn't it?  You'd give way to anything I wanted wouldn't you?

Gimli decided that he didn't want to live up at the house.  He was OK all day until the chickens went to bed and then my lady saw him trying to leap the back yard fence.  Because he's been ill he's not able to leap like he used to, but he didn't know that!  He kept trying and falling down.

Then Gimli decided that wasn't working so he started to run at the goat panels and throw himself on them.  Bash!  Crash!  Thump!

My lady was afraid he was going to hurt himself or actually succeed in getting over the fence.  That wouldn't be good in the dark.  So she hooked a lead on him and opened the gate.  He pulled her through the yard and down the driveway, although he did fall a couple of times. We heard his little feet trotting down the driveway with my lady saying, "Careful!  Slow Down!"

Gim just wanted to be with his family.  When they got to the gate we all came running over.  Number especially was very glad to see his friend and talked to him and snuffled him all over. 

My lady is worried because Gimli is partially blind and can't get out of the way.  But he's determined.  Very determined.  He told her that he'd rather be down there in danger than up at the house safe.  She was going to get a sheep for him but now is worried that if he didn't like the sheep then she'd have to get another sheep for the sheep!  She really can't afford any more animals right now but was going to get a companion for Gimli if it would have worked.

Now she just has to get those pesky LaMancha brothers, Durin and Dayel Elessedil, to quit picking on Gimli.  They are bullies to us all. 

Here is some video of Gimli on Sunday when he was in the backyard.  If you listen you can hear him making his piggy grunt a couple of times. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gimli Moves on UP!

 Hello.   I'm Gimli, son of Gloin.  The very brave dwarf.  I've been locked in a stall for almost two whole weeks.  I wasn't feeling that well.  I saw Dr. Wilson, who kind of scares me - I'll admit that.  He gave me all sorts of shots and did strange things to me to check my neurological functions.  He also just HAS to check me for that dratted pizzle rot.  I hate that part of the exam!

I'm feeling pretty good, although I can't see out of my left eye and I'm kind of weak and wobbly.  It it had been the old me I would have jumped out of this stall in a tick!

That lady came and got me out of the stall and we went out the paddock and up the driveway.  She had to drag me part of the way through the ucky mucky paddock.  I didn't like that!  She didn't like it either but I couldn't pick up my feet and kept falling over.  I got dirty.

Where am I now?

Hallooooo!  It's kind of big up here. 

I'm a little nervous.

Say lady, you're going to stay out here with me, right?

Oooh!  Leaves.  Thank you.

Say, there are some tasty leaves on the ground too.

What the great goat gods is that?

Oh. Chickens.  I've seen those before.  Hi ladies!

My hut is up here!  That's comforting.  I'll go in and check things out.

This is familiar.  Whew.

I dunno lady, where are my friends?

Are you going to leave me up here? Alone?
Just going to get hay, straw and water Gimli.

I found some raspberry leaves!

Well darn.  There is that horrible dog.

I don't like that dog.  I butted the fence really hard to tell him to leave me alone.

I suppose as long as he stays out there it's OK.

I kind of like that lady now that I'm up here by myself.  I keep calling to her.  She says I'm going to get a friend soon.  I sure hope so.  I may be a brave little goat but I don't like to be alone.

You're going to sleep outside with me tonight, aren't you lady?  I'll make room in my house.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gimli is Improving

My lady is so boring.  She has to use another old photograph because she still doesn't have new camera batteries.  Here is Gimli on his first day with us.  I was little and we still had grass in our paddock!  Those were the days!

Gimli greeted my lady this morning with a little "bleh".  He doesn't say "maaa".  I don't either.  I say, "MEH".  See?  I invented "meh". 

Gimli is tottery but he stood on his hind legs to look out of the stall!  My lady was very pleased.  She'd like to get him out of there into the sunshine for a bit but Dr. Wilson said two weeks.  Then he'll probably have to go live up in the backyard instead of with us.  My lady said we are too rough. 

Last night my lady sat with Gimli and gave him LOTS of carrots and mints.  I was MAD.  I figured out I could stand up and reach over the top of the stall wall and pound tap my lady on her head!  Got her attention that's for sure.  She gave me a MINT.  I don't know why but she said, "Good thing I love you, Isobelle." 
Of course she does.....who wouldn't? 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gimli Update

There really isn't any change with my friend Gimli.  He's getting those shots three times a day and he's still in the stall.  He's not able to walk well and has to stand with his legs wide.  My lady says he's still eating and he was very happy to get carrot treats last night and today she gave him peppermints!

I beat my hoof on the stall door!  I wanted some peppermints too!  She did give me ONE.  Humph.

She said Gimli looks very, very cute and was letting her rub and skritch him a lot.  Then he lay down and looked at her with his big blue eyes.  He still can't see out of the left eye.  She's worried but time will tell.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gimli is Sick

I haven't had a blog lately because my silly lady needs to buy batteries for her camera.  I chose these photos from the ones she has on her computer.

Our friend Gimli is very ill. 

We saw our nice friend Dr. Wilson today, who came out to see Gimli.  My lady noticed that Gimli wasn't picking up his feet well and has been watching him for a few days. She thought his pupils in his eyes were dilated too.  Today he was very staggery so the doctor was called.

Dr. Wilson loves goats.  He's not too fond of annoying mini horses.  Tee hee.  He examined Gimli, who fought to flee.  He thought Gimli might have a brain worm for which there is latin name that I'm not going to say, or Thiamine deficiency or possibly goat polio.  Gimli didn't have a fever and other indications gave Dr. Wilson the idea it was either the worm or the Thiamine thingy.  He said Gimli has lost sight in his left eye.

He gave Gimli all sorts of shots.  And then he gave my lady a great big bag of stuff to give to Gimli.  I asked if I could have some but she told me it wasn't treats, but needles and medicine.  Yuck.

Dr. says that Gimli is a fighter and that he hopes that he will recover.  We do too.  My lady loves Gimli.

If you don't remember his story I'll tell it to you again.  Gimli came from a farm where he had been a 4-H goat for a girl.  They didn't treat him very well and chased him and locked him into things.  He wasn't friendly and was very scared.  When my lady went to see him they had him locked in a feed bin and his neck was all bloody from being chased by the dogs there.
Here is Gimli the first day he met me and my maa maa.  He was scared.

Slowly he came to like it here and to trust our lady.  She can rub and skritch him now, which he likes.  He still does not like it if he thinks he's going to be caught.  He's very smart.

My lady says he's a special goat.  When Number came here to live there weren't any other horses.  Number didn't say he minded but he was kind of low.  Gimli went over to him and made friends.

From that day on Gimli stayed in Number's stall at night - his choice.  Number watched Dr. Wilson treat Gimli today.  He wanted to make sure his friend was taken care of OK.

Gimli was a little worse tonight when my lady gave him his shots.  Dr. said tomorrow morning would tell.  I told Gimli I'd give him one of my peppermints if he would get better.