Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Dome Home

Finally the lady got batteries for her camera!  Here is a photo of the dome home that the sheep got!  Isn't it nice?  It has a thing on the top that can open to let air circulate and it's designed to hold the sunlight (if the sun ever shines again).  It's designed for calves so my lady had to make a straw ramp on the inside and outside of the door so that the wee sheep could climb in and out!

They like their home!

One sunny day my lady sat with the sheep amongst the leaves...wait....LEAVES?  There are LEAVES up there in that back yard?  I want to go up there! 

Baalin is cute!  Dr. Wilson is coming out to see him in a few days because Baalin isn't gaining any weight and is a little weak.

Here is pretty Tuuli.  She is a very nice ewe.  I suppose I wouldn't butt them if I was to meet them...maybe.

My lady saw me and Sarah having an itching contest.  Hmmm - that's not quite the word my lady used.  I think it had a "B" in front of that itch.  Sarah and I were giving each other nasty looks back and forth.  My lady made us stop it because she said one of us was going to get kicked.  I think that was ME.  Tee hee.  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have my blaze orange on today.  The hunters are out in force.  Sigh. Each time there was a BOOM across the road my lady would jump out of her boots and swear.  Naughty lady.

It's a lovely day today, with warm sun, calm winds and blue skies.  Many goat kisses and happy thoughts to all my blogging friends.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

We got a new water tub today!

Nigel and Nozzy (mostly Nozzy) have ruined the muck skip that my lady has used to hold our water.  They bite it, paw it, tip it, toss it around and stick their feet in it.  Look what it looked like this morning!

Off my lady went to the feed store, where she picked up this tub.  She looked at the rubbery ones but she KNOWS that Nozzy can't resist those so she got a tougher one.  Look at it already.  The water has only been in it a few minutes and Nozzy and Nigel already stuck their feet into it.

The hay man said he was going to run out of our second cutting hay so he brought some bales of first cutting for us to try.  We. Won't. Eat. It.  None of us.  My lady isn't happy.

Here I am today.  It's nice and dry out in our play area.

Here is my maa maa Narcissa!  She was hoping that there were treats!

Number was looking especially handsome today.  Everytime he sees my lady he says things that sound like a rumbly "huh huh huh huh".  My lady seems to like this.  I always say, "meh" but maybe I should try the "huh huh huh".  I'm not sure I can make that sound.

Nozzy and Nigel wouldn't go far enough away to have their picture taken.

There were more photographs but the blogger thing wouldn't load them.  Soon there will be an adventure for my lady to go and get the Polydome hut for the lambs!  She has to borrow a friend and a truck and drive about an hour each way to get it. 

Happy goat kisses to everyone.