Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello! It's ME!

Hello!  It's finally ME!  My computer broke so long ago but now my lady has a new-to-us one that she is using.  Her friend Amy gave it to her as they only use the ones that have apples on them.  I'd like a computer that was made out of an apple.  Yummy!

Here I am having a snack with my eyes closed.  Gee, lady...don't you think you could have taken a BETTER picture?

We've had lots going on here.  Nigel cut his eye lid and had to have the doctor out.  She said that he needed to wear a mask and we were all scared of him.  That mask lasted one day and Nozzy took it off.  Nigel's eye healed quite well, although he now has a permanent, rascally lowered lid to that eye.

Here is Wickery, that silly sheep.  My lady gives him hugs ALL THE TIME.  Humph.  I prefer scrubbies over hugs and he loves hugs so I guess it's OK.

Dr. Wilson was out to check on Tuuli.  My lady is worried about her because her legs are so very crooked and uncomfortable-looking.  She lays down a lot.  Dr. Wilson said that as long as wee Tuuli is eating and has an expression like she has in the photograph below that she is OK.  My lady still worries though.  Tuu Tuu gets aspirin and glucosamine every day to try to help.

Up at the chicken house LOOK what someone did!  WOW.  That is the size of egg that i'd like to lay.  My lady opened it up but there wasn't a little goatling inside.  Darn.  There was only egg inside, which she ate.

We had really, really warm weather for days and days and all sorts of summer plants grew.  Then this happened!  We live in a high valley so when it rains other places it snows here.

We goats stayed in the barn that day.  Blech.

The sun came out and it was pretty again.  It's still been very cold at night.  I'm glad I didn't let go of all of my winter fur yet!

Nigel thought that he'd like to wear my lady's coat, so he took it off the hanger when she was working in the barn.  She put it on him.  He kind of liked it. 

THEN (gosh this is a lot of notes) my lady had the shearing man come and take all the fleece off Wickery and Tuuli!  Tee hee hee.  My lady says she thinks Wickery is a handsome sheep but I think he looks silly.  He feels good.  He was hot when he had all of that fluff on him.

My lady wondered what defects would come to light when Tuuli was sheared.  Oh dear.  Tuuli is very deformed.  Her spine and shoulders are crooked and so are her hips and back legs.  My lady said that she's not going to shear her down this close again as she is cold.  she got to wear a flannel shirt and my lady has kept her in the dome where it's warmer.  Tuuli was very dirty and her fleece was all matted under her stomach so my lady said that she's going to have to keep her clipped - just not sheared all the way down.  We love Tuuli.  She's very special.

That's an awful lot of catching up to do and very little of it had to do with ME!  Humph.  I thought this was MY blog!

I'm so glad to be back typing with my hooves and I'll keep up now that I have a computer, and I'll visit all of your blogs too!  I miss you. 



Patty Woodland said...

Poor little Tuuli she is lucky to have your lady to give her such loving care. It is good to see you back Isobelle

Texan said...

Bless Tuuli little heart, I am glad she has all you there to take care of her and be her family. She is indeed special. :O)

John Gray said...

welcome home x

Millie said...

You have been ever so busy. I'm glad you're back!

Terry said...

So nice to hear from you again, Isobelle.

Kelly said...

I hope Tuuli is comfortable. That poor baby. Glad to have you back blogging again. I love reading about your friends.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Great to hear from you Isobelle. :)

Judith said...

Welcome back, I've missed you. I think Wickery is a very handsome boy. Tuuli is so pretty but her legs look very sad. I'm glad she's found such a loving home.

Louise said...

That was a lovely bit of catching up, Miss Isobelle. Good to see all of your sweet faces again.

Melodie said...

So glad you are back! It is great catching up on all the things that have been going on on your farm!

Knatolee said...

Glad to see you back!! Also glad that things are okay over there. The snow looked icky. We had some of that last week too, but I hear you south of us actually got it worse.

I love all your animals but I have a soft spot for Tuuli. :) (I love you too Isobelle!!)

Mom L said...

I've been checking on you every few days, Isobelle, and just realized you are baaaaack! Good to see you! You had so much to tell us. I am so very sorry for Tuuli - I hope she doesn't hurt.

Nancy in Iowa

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Even though I talk to you 107 times a day I still miss coming here. :)

Mayhap I'll catch up this weekend....or, better yet, start from where I am now and move forward.......


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Tuuli is so sweet, bet she has a great personality. We sheared today and my Carly is in such bad shape due to age but she's still going so that's a good thing.