Sunday, November 11, 2012

Those Naughty Boys

Nigel and Nozzy are kind of naughty.  They are always curious and wanting to play.  They are very lucky that Number is a gentle and tolerant horse.
If Nums wasn't gentle with them (and us goats) we all wouldn't be able to live together because Nums could hurt us if he wanted to.
Doesn't Nigel look innocent?

He says that he's not doing anything.

He is nibbling at Numsy's back legs and reaching waay far under Nums to poke him in the belly.  My lady was watching and she said that all Nums did was lift his hind leg slowly up and down.  If he really wanted to to he could blast that naughty little horse.

Nige and Nozz always want to "help" with chores.  Boy, do they get in the way. They love to help spread the fresh shavings down and play with the shavings bags.

They are also very helpful...cough...when my lady is mucking out the barn.

My lady keeps a good eye on them to make sure they don't get tangled in the cart.  Someone is always sticking a head through the handle or trying to climb in or tip over the cart.

She can't leave it unattended for a moment.

Nigel is biting the cart here.  Sigh.

My lady really does love these little horses.  I have to wonder why.


Millie said...

And people say we goats are naughty????

Patty Woodland said...

Silly boys!

Terry said...

Naughty! Tee hee hee!

Knatolee said...

THey're making you look good, Isobelle!